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Education Support for Children

Noor Program

Nearly 15 million children between 5-14 years old are out of school in the MENA region. And 10 million are at risk of dropping out of school, putting them at further risk of poverty.

Because education shouldn’t be a luxury but a given right, we have created our Nour program.

How Our Education Support Services Work

In our Nour Program, we support families unable to enroll their children in school by covering their tuition and giving them school supplies.

Learning is a joy and an opportunity to widen children’s horizons. In our Nour program, we promote children’s development across 3 domains: literacy, numeracy, and socio-emotional support.

In our Hanan program, we provide learning centers, plan entertaining activities and prepare social events for the children, and teach them about their right to learn.

Noor Program Appeal Benefits

Cover Tuition Fees and School Supplies

Provide Learning Centers

Train Teachers on Better Educational Methods

The Nour Appeal

In our Nour program, our various appeals aim to challenge the devastating situation and give the children their right to be well-educated.

Back to School Appeal

Securing education and its necessary resources for vulnerable children to build a bright future.
Read more about Back to School Appeal.

Our Impact

We’re training parents to better fulfill their responsibility as their children’s first ever teachers. We’re actively working to raise the number of educated and literate children in developing countries.

Education is power to any individual. Together, we can change the lives of millions of families.


Children sponsored


Children getting continuous educational aid


Creative children being supported

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340,161 Beneficiaries

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46,060 Beneficiaries

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Making a Change Is Easy

At Takaful we’re saving the lives of underprivileged children by providing for them the most essentials for any person. The essentials they don’t have.
You can help us make the change.
Help children live their childhood and build a bright future.

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