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Financial Support & Social Care for Children

Kareem Program

Around 153 million children worldwide are orphans.
Because every child has the right to grow up in a safe and protected environment, we have created our Kareem program. This program is for underprivileged children who don’t have a safe shelter or a providing family.

How Our Financial and Social Services Work

In our Kareem Program, we’re on a mission to find supportive donors and sponsors for children who, in extreme situations, lost their support, homes, or families.

In such situations of violence and extreme poverty, children in the region could be described as the most vulnerable people on earth.
In our Kareem appeal, we provide financial aid, rehabilitation services, social support, and relief services because no child deserves to live in fear of such devastation.

An emergency-induced situation shouldn’t be the reality for any child.

Kareem Program Benefits

Sponsorship for Vulnerable Children

In-kind Assistance and Rehabilitation Services

Social and Financial Support

The Kareem Appeal

In our Kareem program, all our appeals work towards the goal of giving these vulnerable children supportive donors and sponsors.

Winter Appeal

Keeping vulnerable families and orphans warm, sheltered, and well-fed in the winter.
Read more about Good Warmth Appeal.

Ramadan Appeal

Supporting vulnerable children and families with their necessities in the holy month of Ramadan.
Read more about Ramadan Appeal.

Eid Appeal

Spreading joy in the hearts of orphans, refugees, and underprivileged families by providing eid clothes.
Read more about Eid Appeal.

Adha Appeal

Offering underprivileged people in Lebanon meat and gifts in the blessed Adha Eid.
Read more about Adha Appeal.

Our Impact

We protect vulnerable children in search of a safer future away from bombs, bullets, and violence.

We’re actively working to support children deprived of their essential needs of shelter in a safe land and a providing family. Together, we can change the lives of millions of families.


Children Sponsored


Families supported by the Winter Appeal


Families supported by the Adha Appeal


Families supported by the Ramadan Appeal

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