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Eid Appeal

Spreading joy in the hearts of orphans, refugees, and underprivileged families by providing eid clothes and gifts!

Appeal Objectives

Spreading Joy

Providing new Eid clothing and gifts to 1,000+ families, refugees, and children in need

Financial Aid

Offering Zakat and Ramadan Sadaqa to 1,000 families, refugees, and children in need

Social Welfare

Empowering families in need with the necessary resources and support to celebrate Eid

Appeal Gallery

Children Stories

Rimas, Khaled, Saeed, and Jana are members of the team established by Takaful to extend a helping hand to children during holidays. They distributed dolls and clothes to many underprivileged children.

Khaled said, “My personality has changed a lot. I am not just an orphan anymore, but with Takaful’s help, I can put a smile on my fellow orphans’ faces.”