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Childhood Wellness Appeal

Improving the health and wellbeing of vulnerable families and orphans by providing medical and psychological support.

More About the Childhood Wellness Appeal


Our goal is to make sure every child gets the medical support and treatment they need.

 We aid underprivileged families who aren’t able to provide the necessities for their children to stay healthy and sustained.

Appeal Objectives

Medical Support

Conducting medical examinations and providing medical necessities.

Psychological Support

Relieving families from the stress of not affording medical treatments.

Social Solidarity

 Reviving the spirit of social solidarity in such challenging times.

Children Stories

Ahlam is a 5-year-old paralyzed girl who has always dreamt of having strong legs to play around the refugee camp with her friends.

Moving around with a hand-made heavy iron device makes it very hard.

In collaboration with Femme Future, we provided Ahlam with a brand new walking aid and fixed the path leading to her tent so she can play without anything standing in her way!


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We’re saving the lives of underprivileged children by providing the essentials they need.
Help us make the change.

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