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Health Care
Services for Children

Hanan Program

More than 1 out of every 9 newborns die before their first birthday, every year. Almost all of these children could’ve survived only if they had sufficient health care services.

Our Hanan program is for less fortunate children who are sick and underserved.

How Our Health Services Work

In our Hanan Program, we work to provide essential health necessities, such as medicine, vaccines, medical equipment, and more for ill children.

And because we know that the health of children can’t be sustained or developed without their mental wellness, Takaful also works on addressing their psychological and social needs and necessities.

A significant part of our services is psychological rehabilitation by professional social workers and psychologists for better results with the deprived and traumatized children we work with.

Hanan Program Benefits

Essential Health Necessities

Giving the Parents Health Care Seminars

Psychological and Mental Support

Hanan Appeals

In our Hanan program, we have several appeals aiming to elevate the health services for vulnerable children. With your help, we can positively impact these children’s lifespans.

Cholera Awareness Appeal

Raising awareness about Cholera by educating refugees about proper hygiene and sanitation.
Read more about Cholera Awareness Appeal.

Childhood Wellness Appeal

Improving the health and wellbeing of vulnerable families and orphans by providing medical support.
Read more about Childhood Wellness Appeal.

Our Impact

We protect mothers and newborns from deadly diseases through medical treatment and health care. We’re actively working to increase the survival rates of children born in developing countries.

The need to take care of mothers and children is universal. Together, we can change the lives of millions of families.


Children Sponsored


Children getting operational help aid


Families supported with medicinal distribution


Mothers receiving psychosocial support

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Making a Change Is Easy

At Takaful we’re saving the lives of underprivileged children by providing for them the most essentials for any person. The essentials they don’t have.
You can help us make the change.
Help children live their childhood and build a bright future.