Takaful News

Psychosocial support activity for “takaful” orphans in Beirut

The takaful Association for Child Care implemented a psychosocial support activity for orphans for an association in Beirut This activity comes within the framework of mental health projects for children living in crisis places.

Childhood ambassadors are joy everywhere

Childhood ambassadors share the joy of their Eid with the children, and they love to present to them the Eid clothing and gift

A shield of appreciation from the One Ummah Association

The British one ummah association presented a shield in appreciation to the Takaful Association for Child Welfare for its humanitarian efforts exerted in serving orphans and needy families, after a relief trip by the two associations over the course of seven Ramadan days. On the sidelines of the honor, an interactive meeting was held with the Childhood Ambassadors, who on behalf of the Takaful Department presented symbolic gifts to the delegation, conveying thanks to each beneficiary of the relief projects.

Ramadan projects paint a smile of goodness

Ramadan good parcels reach needy families in Yemen Thanks for your kind hearts

"Al-Takaful" is preparing to distribute packages of charity to needy families

The solidarity team is preparing and rationing packages of good Support a needy family in the month of Ramadan by supporting the Good Parcels Project

Takaful opens safe spaces for children in the Bekaa

The Takaful Association for Child Welfare, sponsored by His Eminence, the Mufti of the City of Moscow, Sheikh Eldar Alaeddinov, and with funding from the Russian Zakat Fund, opened safe spaces for children for students of the Takaful School in the Bekaa. The spaces included football fields, basketball, and volleyball, in addition to recreational games and a green garden attached to the school. This opening comes as a guarantee of the quality of education in the schools of the Takaful Association

A community-based "al- takaful" for the relief of needy families

In the presence of the Secretary of the Charitable Athletes Association Captain Malik Hassoun and a team from the Takaful Association for Child Welfare, the Takaful handed over the food baskets for distribution to needy families in the region. While they discussed ways of cooperation and joint work between the two teams to serve the needy Lebanese families. This cooperation comes within the framework of community solidarity and in light of the difficult economic conditions that families are going through in Lebanon

AL-takaful provides relief aid in light of the humanitarian crisis

In support of needy families in the region, Beirut, and Arsal, the "Solidarity for Childhood Care" association, in cooperation with a delegation from the Merciful Hands Association in Germany, distributed winter supplies, food parcels in addition to fresh rations (chicken, vegetables, bread) to more than 2,500 beneficiaries.

A Human Tragedy Displaces Hundreds and Leaves them by the Wayside

An inspection tour conducted by "Al-Takaful" team to the burning camp of "Bhennin" in "Al-Minya" area. During the tour the team met with a number of displaced camp residents who expressed the difficult conditions that they were going through before the camp burned, so that the fire would come and make the matter worse. Today, there are 400 displaced people on the roads and in other camps, waiting for support and assistance to help them overcome their ordeal