World Day

A shield of appreciation from the One Ummah Association

The British one ummah association presented a shield in appreciation to the Takaful Association for Child Welfare for its humanitarian efforts exerted in serving orphans and needy families, after a relief trip by the two associations over the course of seven Ramadan days. On the sidelines of the honor, an interactive meeting was held with the Childhood Ambassadors, who on behalf of the Takaful Department presented symbolic gifts to the delegation, conveying thanks to each beneficiary of the relief projects.

World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse

250 million children experience some form of abuse October 19, 2020

World Day Against Poverty

Poverty threatens children's dreams Health, economic, and security crises It struck all societies It pushed more than half a billion people into poverty A proportion in which children bear the greatest burden. Food, health and education Poverty all became their first enemy And children's dreams ... Postponed until conditions improve

International Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse

Our children deserve protection International Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse

Situation Assessment: The Lebanese Humanitarian Crisis

A position appreciation paper in which the Solidarity Association for Childhood Care examines the human reality experienced by the children of Lebanon