Childhood ambassadors are joy everywhere

Childhood ambassadors share the joy of their Eid with the children, and they love to present to them the Eid clothing and gift

Their smile makes the Eid for us

Their smile makes the Eid for us. A part of the Solidarity Association's implementation of the "Joy of Eid" project.

Qurban Khair 2022

Qurban Khair campaign 2022

Qurban Khair 2022

Qurban Khair campaign 2022

Iftar Al-Khair 2006 - 2016

Al-Khair iftars, Al-Takaful Society for Childhood from 2006-2016

Iftar alkher "14" 2019

Under the patronage of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, the Takaful Association for Child Welfare organized its 14th annual charity Iftar at the Pavilion-Seaside Hall - Beirut's commercial center, sunset on Monday 20-5-2019, under the slogan "Your goodness is sugar," in the presence of President Saad Hariri as a representative Deputy Nazih Najim, His Eminence the Mufti of the Lebanese Republic, Sheikh Abd al-Latif Darian represented by Sheikh Fawzi al-Homsi, His Eminence the Sheikh of the Druze Sect Sheikh Naim Hassan represented by Sheikh Nazih Saab, His Excellency Minister of Information Mr. Jamal Al-Jarrah, His Excellency Mr. Walid Beck Jumblatt represented by a member of the Leadership Council of the Progressive Socialist Party Eng. Mohamed Basbous, His Excellency Minister of Foreign Affairs Professor Gibran Bassil represented by Professor Karim Khalil, His Excellency Minister of Foreign Trade Affairs Hassan Murad represented by Mr. Nasser Maree, His Excellency Minister of Social Affairs Represented by Professor Robin Saghbini, His Excellency Deputy Taymour Beik Jumblatt, represented by Dr. Bilal Qasim, His Excellency Deputy Fouad Makhzoumi represented by Mr. Haitham Al-Qaisi, His Excellency the Governor of Beirut Judge Ziyad Shabib, His Excellency Major General Ibrahim Basbous, former Director General of the Internal Security Forces, International Organization for the Family represented by Dr. Elie Mikhael, Shariah and civil judges, officers The army and the security forces, distinguished scholars and fathers. Beirut municipal council members, mayors and members of the Khroub region municipalities, bank directors, mukhtars and members of optional councils. Parents, sheikhs, and scholars in the spiritual meeting, the media, and representatives of the media, political and party forces, and social, humanitarian and economic institutions. The number of attendees exceeded 925. The Iftar program started with the childhood anthem, and then a painting was displayed on the song "Your goodness is like sugar." Then the speech of the Chairman of the Takaful Board of Trustees, Advisor to the Governor of Beirut, Al-Hajj Issam Barghout, was delivered on his behalf by the Resource Development Officer Dr. Daniel Basbous, saying: Development such as sewing workshops and small productive projects, without forgetting the relief and seasonal projects, including the distribution of clothes to more than fifteen thousand needy families in all Lebanese regions .. He added: "The Takaful Association had its mark in caring for the creators through the Skills Center BEE It is a private club for creators in science and the performing arts. "

Iftar alkher "11" 2016

أThe Takaful Association for Child Welfare held its eleventh annual charitable Iftar in the presence of the Prime Minister, Mr. Tammam Salam, represented by His Excellency Minister Muhammad Al-Mashnouq, President Sheikh Saad Al-Din Al-Hariri, represented by Deputy Dr. Ammar Houry, His Eminence the Mufti of the Republic of Lebanon Sheikh Abd al-Latif Darian represented by Sheikh Muhammad Al-Khanji. His Eminence Sheikh Naim Hassan Sheikh Aql of the Druze community represented by Sheikh Sami Abdel-Khaleq, His Excellency the Commander of the Army, General Jean Kahwagi, represented by the Brigadier General, Navy Dahir Hussein His Excellency Minister of Justice, Los Ashraf Ashraf Rifi, represented by Mr. Khaled Alwan, His Excellency, Minister of Social Affairs Rashid Derbas, represented by the Director General of the Ministry, Randa Bouhamdan, His Excellency Deputy Sami Al-Jamil, Chairman of the Kataeb Party represented by Mr. Bashir Al-Zaeem, His Excellency Eng. Fouad Makhzoumi, Chairman of the National Dialogue Party, Professor Ibrahim Al-Masry Former Secretary General of the Islamic Group, His Excellency Major General Ibrahim Basbous represented by Brigadier Khaled Dandashli, His Excellency Major General Abbas Ibrahim represented by Colonel Wadih Khater, President of the Beirut Municipal Council Professor Jamal Itani represented by the engineer Mughir Sinjaba, His Excellency Deputy Jamal Jarrah, His Excellency B former Bahaa Eddine Itani, Mr. Raymond Khattar, Director General of Civil Defense Mmthelag with Mr. Ziad Natour Head of the Administrative UnitColonel Mohamed Al-Ayoubi, Commander of the Beirut Police, members of the Beirut Municipal Council, mayors and members of municipalities in the Kharoub region, Est. Ibrahim Awad, President of the National Media Council, President of the Lebanese Association of the Greek Orthodox, Nicolas Ghulam, the World Organization for the Family represented by a member of the Administrative Council, Dr. Elie Mikhael, army and power officers The security, fathers, sheikhs, and scholars in the spiritual meeting, representatives of the political, partisan, judicial, municipal, and optional political forces, social, humanitarian, charitable, economic, and media institutions, in addition to a crowd of Beirut families within 1050 people, in a hall The Royal Pavilion in Biel - the commercial center of Beirut 06/09/2016

"Iftar ALkher" Eighth 2013

Al-Takaful Association for Childhood held its eighth annual charitable breakfast, sunset on Monday, 22 July 2013, corresponding to 13 Ramadan 1434 AH, at the Pavillon Royal Hall - Al-Bayal in Beirut, in the presence of 1160 official and local personalities from Lebanese families. Among the most prominent attendees was His Excellency the Minister, Mr. Walid Al-Daouk, representing the Prime Minister, Mohamed Naguib Mikati, Representative Ammar Houry, representing the State of President Sheikh Saad Al-Din Hariri, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Masry, Secretary General of the Islamic Group, Sheikh Muhammad Mazhar, representing the Mufti of the Lebanese Republic Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Rashid Qabbani, Sheikh Suhail Abu Ghannam represented by His Eminence Sheikh Naim Hassan Sheikh Sheikh Aql of the Druze community, Monsignor Dominic Labaki, representative of the Diocese of Beirut, Indonesian Ambassador Professor Dimas Samudra, Colonel Wissam Safi represented by the commander of the army, General Jean Kahwagi, Lt. Col. Nabil Khankri, represented by a strong director general Internal Security, Brigadier General Ibrahim Basbous, Lt. Col. Imad Damascene represented by General Director of Public Security Major General Abbas Ibrahim, Major Fadi Qaran, represented by Major General George Qaraa, Director General of State Security, Sheikh Waseem Falah, represented by President of the Supreme Sunni Sharia Courts, His Eminence Sheikh Abd al-Latif Drian, Attorney Emile Makhlouf, Deputy Chairman of the Maronite General Council, Eng. Fouad Makhzoumi, Chairman of the Dialogue Party the National, Professor Mustafa al-Hakim, President of the Najada Party, Dr. Salim al-Sayyid, Representative of the Progressive Socialist Party, Dr. Bilal Hamad, President of Beirut Municipality and current and former members of the Municipal Council, Presidents and Members of Municipalities of Al-Kharroub Region, Captain of the Press Professor Muhammad Baalbaki, Secretary General of the Higher Council for Childhood Mrs. Rita Karam, Professor Khaled Alwan represented by Major General Ashraf Rifi, Minister Elias Hanna, former deputy Dr. Zuhair al-Obeidi, and a number of scholars, judges, clerics, heads and representatives of political and party forces, societies, and economic, social, municipal, voluntary, and media activities. The ceremony was opened with verses from the Noble Qur’an with artistic display panels and chanting links performed by the Children's Takaful Band, and the speech was given to Hajj Issam Barghout, Chairman of the Takaful Board of Trustees and a member of the Beirut Municipal Council. The most prominent of what was stated in his speech: “As every year, we meet with you for righteousness and piety, and we compete in the act of good deeds. Deeds to God are a pleasure to enter into a believer’s heart. ” Bargout added: "The work of the good is the title of our meeting today. In it there is a social balance and the needs of the people increased and diversified, which drew the necessity of redoubling the effort and increasing the work. Thank God the work developed and increased, which you see as ripe fruits that spread throughout Lebanon, starting from sponsoring an orphan, the child in need, and the creative child to food, health and educational assistance and Educational, clothing distribution and other access to other specialized services that benefited more than 30,000 individuals between an orphan, a child in need, a sick child, a student and a vulnerable family.

Iftar alkher Fourth 2009

أThe Takaful Society for Child Welfare held its ninth annual Iftar on Wednesday, July 9, 2014 at the Pavillon Royal Hall in Al-Bayal - Beirut's commercial center - in the presence of President Nabih Berri, represented by Professor Mohamed Khawaja, President Saad Eddin Hariri, represented by Deputy Muhammad Qabbani, Minister Khaled Qabbani, Secretary-General of the Islamic Group Mr. Ibrahim Al-Masry, President of the National Dialogue Party, Eng. Fouad Makhzoumi, Army Commander General Jean Kahwaji, represented by Colonel Eng. Mohsen Hazmeh, Director General of the Internal Security Forces, Major General Ibrahim Basbous, represented by Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Abla, Captain of the Press Muhammad Baalbaki, in addition to a number of people. Political, religious and partisan, security, diplomatic, municipal and optional media Wyatt, amid a large crowd of Beirut families exceeded the number of 950 people. In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the establishment of Takaful, which falls in the month of September, Barghout presented the achievements of the association and its most prominent stations and spread at the national level, and its development especially that the association has started building a center for it in the Jadra region, in the name of "Takaful Center for Capacity Building". Takaful took advantage of this meeting to honor a brilliant creator from Tripoli, the young “Ihab Al-Hallab” who obtained three patents, and he was presented with a Takaful shield by the President of the Association Hajj Essam Barghout and the Vice-Chairman of the Takaful Board of Attorney, chosen in the name of Al-Hout. The Iftar included some hospitality links and paintings provided by a children's solidarity group

Sponsorship is a Paradise

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Be a supporter Project

A campaign with our solidarity to complete the good Ramadan campaign 2022 AD - 1443 AH Project Be a Helper To receive your zakat on your money and your alms Lebanon 50 $ Palestine 50 $ Yemen 50 $