Our children... their health is a priority

On the occasion of the Universal Health Coverage Day, and in partnership with the RAYA CARE Center, the Takaful Association for Child Care held a comprehensive health day for its sponsored children. Where the children and their supervisors in the solidarity visited the RAYA Center and underwent a comprehensive clinical examination in addition to securing medicine for those who needed it. Al Takaful extends its heartfelt thanks to RAYA CARE Center management and cadres for their kind reception and concern for its children. It is worth mentioning that Takaful takes care of its children in terms of health through the Hanan Program, through which it seeks to secure psychological and physical stability and balance through a group of medical, rehabilitation projects, and psychological support courses supervised by specialists in educational psychology.

A shield of appreciation from the One Ummah Association

The British one ummah association presented a shield in appreciation to the Takaful Association for Child Welfare for its humanitarian efforts exerted in serving orphans and needy families, after a relief trip by the two associations over the course of seven Ramadan days. On the sidelines of the honor, an interactive meeting was held with the Childhood Ambassadors, who on behalf of the Takaful Department presented symbolic gifts to the delegation, conveying thanks to each beneficiary of the relief projects.

Al- takaful School for Syrian Displaced Children in the Bekaa

"Al-Takaful", in the presence of the Mufti of Moscow and his accompanying delegation, opened "Al-Takaful" School for Syrian displaced children in Beqaa. Stationery and symbolic gifts were also distributed to the students.

Winter Relief Reaches the Beneficiaries in the Syrian and Palestinian Camps in Lebanon

Winter Relief Reaches the Beneficiaries in the Syrian and Palestinian Camps in Lebanon As part of the "Good Warmth" campaign and in cooperation with the "One Ummah" Association in Britain, "AL-Takaful" for Child Welfare distributed winter aid, "food parcels, quilts, heaters, fuel, and winter clothing" to the displaced Syrians in Bikaa and the Palestinian refugees in Burj Al-Barajneh camp.

World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse

250 million children experience some form of abuse October 19, 2020

World Humanitarian Day 19 August

World Humanitarian Day 19 August

Food parcels and medical bags arrive to families in Beirut

Food parcels and medical bags reach families in Beirut with the support of an international humanitarian association and implemented by the Takaful Association for Child Care.

"Al-Takaful" Hosts a Delegation from "Solidarity" – Russia Association in Beirut

In support of the people of the capital, Beirut, and as part of the "Solidarity with Beirut" campaign, "Al-Takaful" hosted a delegation from "Solidarity"- Russia association, where the two parties visited the affected area to make an assessment of the damages and the humanitarian need. In an immediate relief step, food parcels were distributed for the capital's residents who were affected by the explosion. The beneficiaries number reached 1250 people.

Activities and Field Visits Within the "Solidarity with Beirut" Campaign

In response to the humanitarian call that imposed itself over Beirut city and the neighborhood, "Al-Takaful" has organized daily field activities, where its teams offered help and assistance to the people of the affected areas by lifting the debris and rubble caused by the explosion. They also distributed water and food to help the capital's people in such hard times. With support and Humanity, We are all in "Solidarity with Beirut "

" Solidarity with Beirut" Campaign in cooperation with the Act Association

In cooperation with ACT association, "Al-Takaful" distributed food parcels and medical bags to the affected people in Beirut.

Al Nuri" Convoys… Convoys of Good and Tender"

"Al-Takaful" Association, in cooperation with "Sheikh Abbullah Al Nuri" Association in Kuwait conducted relief convoys to aid those affected by the port explosion in the Lebanese Capital, Beirut. The association distributed food parcels to the residents, in addition to the restoration of some damaged houses.