World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse

250 million children experience some form of abuse October 19, 2020

Food parcels and medical bags arrive to families in Beirut

Food parcels and medical bags reach families in Beirut with the support of an international humanitarian association and implemented by the Takaful Association for Child Care.

" Solidarity with Beirut" Campaign in cooperation with the Act Association

In cooperation with ACT association, "Al-Takaful" distributed food parcels and medical bags to the affected people in Beirut.

"Balad Al-Khair" association offers a helping hand to the people of Beirut

Bilad al-Khair Association provides a helping hand to the people of Beirut through the Solidarity Association, where it distributed medical bags and food parcels to the residents of the area.

mobile clinic projects

This project is based on delivering curative and preventive health services to displaced Syrian children residing in Lebanon who are unable to obtain these services due to the distance of health centers and hospitals from their headquarters or because of financial distress. Estimated budget $ 50,000 (fifty thousand US dollars only)