Educational lectures

Safe Internet Lecture at Deir Al Mukhlis School - John, Chouf.

The trainer Ibrahim Al-Assi gave a lecture on Safe Internet, at the invitation of the People’s People’s Association, in cooperation with the Italian Chavezie Association at the Federation of Municipalities of the Region of El-Kharoub, on Friday, May 8, 2015 at the Monastery of the Savior School, John, Chouf. The lecture featured interactive presentations from the audience, students, and President of the People’s People’s Association, Father Abdo Raad.

Children's safety lecture online at the School of Science and Faith - Sidon

At the invitation of the Administration of the School of Science and Faith in Sidon - Lebanon, the trainer Ibrahim Al-Assi from the Takaful Society for Child Welfare presented a lecture on child safety on the Internet within the # Your Absence_ campaign against you in the presence of a number of parents and teachers, 14-5-2015.

"Swine Flu Prevention" Lecture

Within the health care program, the Takaful Childhood Association for Orphans and Needy Mothers organized a lecture entitled: “Swine Flu Prevention” on Wednesday 14/10/2009 at Aisha Bakkar Hall of the Call Center - Beirut. The lecture, Dr. Fatima Shaaban (Specialist in Pediatrics, member of the School Health Committee - Medical Association, member of the Lebanese Pediatric Association) gave several lectures in this field. The lecture started by introducing the swine flu disease and how it develops and interacts with others, the ability of this virus to continuously transform, the history of this virus and its severity.