Competition, create with us

Under the patronage and presence of His Excellency the Minister of Social Affairs, Mr. Wael Abu Faour,

Rights competition in color

The "Takaful for Childhood Care" Association concluded the children's drawings competition under the title "My rights in color", by preserving the distribution of the competition's prizes and under the patronage of the Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Khaled Kabbani represented by the President of the Educational District in Beirut Mohy Al-Din Kashli, at the UNESCO Palace. Kashley gave a speech in which he said: "His Excellency tasked me with representing him in this celebration and asked me to convey his thanks, appreciation and congratulations to all who participated in this ceremony and contributed to its success, especially the Takaful Association, which gives most of its attention to the child in Lebanon and in the Arab and Islamic countries and concerns with the care and living conditions of children, especially orphans. Among them, those with difficult needs, the handicapped and the homeless, and is making a great effort in its attempt to integrate these children into their society, and it has also initiated and continues its contacts with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to work to curb school dropout, which is a pest of society and its work as well. Health and psychological care. " He added: "This festival is the result of its efforts with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, as nearly five thousand children from all of Lebanon's schools and some Palestinian schools participated, under the title" My rights in color. " Then the President of the Association’s Board of Trustees, Issam Barghout, made a speech in which he said: This project aims to care for our creative children and discover the potential creative energies and to convey the message and idea of ​​children's rights to those concerned in the international and local societies as seen by the children themselves, and we hope that we have succeeded in achieving these goals “declared” Seek to launch a new creative competition, which also aims to develop the potential of children. After the words, appreciation and in-kind prizes were awarded to the winners.