Training workshops

First aid medical and psychological course

The Takaful Association for Child Care continues its participation in the training courses organized by the Ministry of Social Affairs, where it participated in the two-day focus course under the title "Medical and Psychological First Aid" at the Ministry's Chiyah Center

AL- Takaful Association participates in the PTSD course

At the invitation of the Ministry of Social Affairs in Lebanon and within the frameworks of psychological support in the campaign "in solidarity with Beirut", the Takaful Association for Child Welfare participated in a training course under the title "Post-trauma treatment" that was provided by the therapist Norma El-Helou for two days inside the Cultural Center (Chiyah)

Introduction to Entrepreneurial Empowerment for Women course

At the invitation of the Orphan Care Federation, Abdullah Al-Nuri Charitable Society and Al-Khair Volunteer Team, in partnership with the Caravans of Goodness Organization for Relief and Development

Tailoring and detailing course

Within the sustainable development project, the Takaful Society for Child Welfare held a graduation ceremony for a group of displaced Syrian women participating in the "Detail and Tailoring" course over a period of 3 months, supported by the Mercy Society in Austria. The ceremony included a speech of the Takaful Association delivered by Professor Fadi Zaaroura, followed by a screening of a film on the course's progress. Then a word from the Mercy Society delivered by Professor Rassar. And another word for one of the participants in the name of graduates. After that, the participants received the certificates of participation, and the honorary shield was given to the supporter. Eventually their productions completed during this course were presented.

Our children course between formation and development

The Takaful Childhood Society participated in the Tamouh Center for Studies, Consultation and Training in Dubai through the consultant Youssef Saadeh, the accredited expert and consultant for training and development for early childhood programs in the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), in the implementation of the project to improve performance and raise competencies. These seminars are aimed at babysitters and workers in kindergartens, supervisors in civil societies and supervisors of orphans. Takaful has been keen to invite a large number of supervisors and managers of kindergartens and orphan supervisors in order to benefit the largest possible number of participants.  The event was attended by about 90 personalities from kindergarten principals, associations, workers, and children and education professionals, and participated in the interactive workshop.

The course of the Syrian child is everyone's responsibility

The Takaful Society for Child Welfare, in cooperation with the Al-Asmakh Charitable Foundation in the State of Qatar and in partnership with the Higher Council for Childhood in the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Italian Intersos Organization, launched a training course for children working in the field of psychological support and community rehabilitation under the slogan: “The displaced Syrian child is everyone’s responsibility.” The course was implemented in the form of five-day workshops at the Fourpoint Hotel. It was attended by representatives of international organizations, NGOs, and displaced persons, and Beirut's civil, educational, and optional activities. The first word of the Intersos Organization was its Project Manager, Julia Bianchini, who spoke about the "intersos" interest in the psychological aspect of displaced children and their role in alleviating their dimensions, and addressed the aspect of the workshops that you will do during the course with "interdependence". Then the speech of the CEO in "Takaful Professor Riyad Al-Khatib, who opened his speech with thanks to the supportive institutions and the generous presence, then spoke:" The attitudes of wars are one of the most dangerous conditions to which a person is exposed as they represent pressures in all areas of life at the economic, social, political and psychological levels. He added: "The Takaful Association for Childhood Care, in cooperation with its partners interested in childhood issues, today presents this program for training and qualifying workers with displaced children, especially in the psychological aspects and integration, and it is a continuous evaluation and follow-up program that extends for a full year in which the participants are given theoretical basic experiences in theory with complete care On the initial practical application, similar to much of what Takaful has provided in this field. " As for the representative of Al-Asmakh Charitable Foundation, Mr. Omar Al-Ruwais, he said: "Our project today in Lebanon is implemented by the Takaful Society for Child Welfare dealing with the psychological emptying of the displaced children, because we have passed the relief work to work on the psyche of children, because of the high percentage of children with psychological crises as a result of bitter reality With every day. " The meeting concluded with a session for the Takaful Advisor, the international trainer and expert in human development and training for civil society institutions, Mr. Youssef Saadeh.   The end of the theoretical workshops for the session of a displaced Syrian child was the responsibility of society at the Ramada Hotel, Raouche, Beirut. It was presented by: Secretary General of the Higher Council for Childhood in the Ministry of Social Affairs, Professor Rita Karam, in addition to the international trainer Youssef Saadeh, Al-Intersus, and Professor Safaa Al-Bosh. On the last day of the course, the participants moved to a field visit to several schools and camps for the displaced from the Bekaa to Baalbek, to implement psychological emptying and dealing with the child, and gifts were distributed to the children in a series of activities, and certificates were also distributed to the trainees, 13-6-2014

First Aid Course

Takaful, in cooperation with the Lebanese Red Cross, launched an awareness session entitled "A first aid course for workers with children", at the latter's headquarters in Beirut - Spears, on December 23, 2013.

Second first aid course

Similar to the first session, "A first aid course for workers with children" held by the Takaful Association under the auspices of the Lebanese Red Cross in Beirut, the association held a second course in Saida Municipality in cooperation with the Lebanese Red Cross in Saida, on December 26, 2013

A training course for human rights workers

The Takaful Society for Child Welfare participated in the training course for workers in the field of human rights, which was organized by the Social Work Department of the Guidance and Reform Society and was held at AUL University in Beirut - Cola from November 23 to December 28, 2013. The course was run by experts in the field of local and international human rights, including lawyer Nabil Al-Halabi, Dr. Mahmoud Al Hanafi, Dr. Raafat Mikati, Attorney Maha Fattah and Prosecutor Mohamed Makkawi). The meetings included seminars and practical applications. The association also participated in the closing ceremony of the session at the “Holiday Inn Dunes” - in Beirut on Saturday January 18, 2014, and the ceremony was sponsored by the Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Brigadier Marwan Charbel, represented by Brigadier Charbel Matar, in the presence of the President of the Guidance and Reform Association Eng. Waseem Al-Mugharbel, in addition to some Official, security and military figures, representatives of civil societies and human rights activists